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    Threats & vulnerabilities added in the last 30 days

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    The SecurityShield Vulnerabilities knowledge bank will give you access to a dashboard with key summary information on all threats & vulnerabilities identified. You will also have access to detailed information on each vulnerability.

    This Knowledge Bank is a comprehensive repository of curated and vetted computer software exploits and exploitable vulnerabilities sourced from Rapid7, and other sources. Technical details of hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities and exploits are included in the database for security professionals and researchers to review.

    The knowledge bank includes information such as vulnerabilities identification, CVSS score values, definitions, and related links to exploits available and for malware kits, and where available includes remediation guides. Patch information is provided when available.

    This vulnerability and exploit database is updated constantly and contains the most recent security research. There are hundreds of vulnerabilities and software exploits that are identified every day, analysed and added to this database.

    Please note that some of the information in the Knowledge Bank is compiled from external, open-source reports and is not a direct result of our analysis.